Understanding and Correctly Using the Modifier 24

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The global surgical package includes most post-operative visits. When can you bill for a visit that is not related to the surgery? It’s not always clear and misusing modifier 24 can get you into audit trouble.

In this webinar, Ian Mattis, a member of the Practice Optimization Team at Eye Care Leaders, will discuss:

  • The global surgical package
  • Modifier 24 definition
  • When you can and cannot use it for a visit before cataract surgery on the second eye
  • Documentation practices to support modifier use
  • And more!

This webinar will provide valuable insights for:

  • Physicians
  • Administrators
  • Medical coders
  • And others

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About the Speaker

Ian Mattis, CPC, CEMC – Member of the Practice Optimization Team

Ian worked for 16 years at the nation’s largest Medicare Administrative Contractor in various roles on provider audits, data analysis, and education. Before joining Medicare, Ian worked for a hospital and Rite Aid corporation in training and development. He has won multiple national awards for training programs he developed.

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