Mobile Apps

Eye Care Leaders understands the importance of a work-life balance which can be greatly enhanced with the use of apps. Our focus on innovation has resulted in several apps for providers with more being considered.

iMedicWare Mobile Clinic iPad App

The myCare iMedicWare Mobile Clinic App was specifically designed for myCare iMedicWare’s award-winning EHR and is compatible with all iPads. The app gives physicians the ability to quickly and easily interact with their EHR system, providing them the opportunity to take care of their practice’s needs without having to be near a computer or telephone. It saves practices valuable time and effort, speeds up the way charts are reviewed, and allows physicians to spend less time on the computer and more time face-to-face with patients.

myCare iMedicWare Scheduler iPhone & Android App

Ophthalmology’s most user-friendly EHR Schedule is extremely convenient with this app that allows a physician to quickly access their schedule, review the Patient at a Glance, see their day summary, and read a patient’s appointment history all from the convenience of their phone. The app is a powerful tool that also allows physicians to receive and send messages and even call their patient directly from the app if they have any questions prior to their appointment.