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Eye Care Leaders has partnered with industry-leading proprietary software, Practice Insight, to provide practices with powerful technology for revenue cycle management.

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Trusted by more than 72,000 healthcare providers.

Practice Insight goes beyond connecting providers to thousands of commercial and government payers to submit claims. Edit claims in real time, auto generate more accurate patient cost estimations, and submit more “clean claims” all with the help of Practice Insight.

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Easily Create, Fix & Track Claims in Real Time

  • Work from one screen without having to constantly switch between multiple modules.
  • Get updates at every step of the process through payer response messages.
  • Gain visibility into the full history of your claims with a single click.

Auto Generate Accurate Patient Cost Estimations

  • Collect a percentage of the procedure cost upfront.
  • Improve the patient’s experience with advance notice of high procedure costs.
  • Easily integrate with your PM and customize the estimator with co-pays, deductibles, etc.

Submit More “Clean Claims” & Receive Your Full Payment

  • Over 98.5% first-pass clean claim rate.
  • Receive your full payment by easily proving claims were filed on time with a single click.
  • Increase collections and speed up payment times with custom edits.
  • Gain access to all claims that need to be fixed and correct them in real time.

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