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Improved Patient Care Practice Management System

Building a successful optometric practice requires a lot of strategic planning. You must automate key processes, optimize costs, increase efficiency, and improve your patient experience. All of these goals can be easily achieved with our practice management system.

We Deliver Smart Optometry Practice Software for Smarter Optometrists!

Enjoy reduced paperwork, intuitive workflows, improved patient engagement and increased profitability with our proven solutions.
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Smart Optometry Practice Software for Smarter Optometrists!

Our solutions help ease the operational burden associated with running your practice by streamlining every aspect of it – from patient check in to billing. By integrating our practice management software, you’ll be better equipped with a completely connected practice where the details of the patients, staff, as well as providers will be available under one roof.

Key Features of Optometry Practice Software

Just like you, thousands of successful optometrists across the country trust our Optometrists Clinic Software to increase their profit margins and to deliver a memorable patient experience. Here’s why:

  • Cloud-Based

    This means easy software updates along with any time, anywhere access to crucial data.

  • Appointment Reminders

    Sending scheduled reminders will not only help you see more patients and earn more revenue, but it will also eliminate wasted time from no-shows.

  • bill-updates

    Billing Updates

    Just like you, we also take billing very seriously. Comprehensive reports such as A/R Aging, reimbursements, and productivity will help you keep an eye on the financial health of your practice.

  • Patient Eligibility Checks

    Take the guesswork out of patient insurance eligibility with a pre-appointment eligibility check to help increase revenue.

  • Patient Portal

    Patients will have 24×7 access to self-service features such as scheduling/canceling appointments, making online payments, accessing their personal health record (PHR), and many more.

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Why Choose Our Optometry Practice Software?

Through our best-in-class practice management software and ongoing commitment to your optometry practice, we will help you better navigate today’s complex healthcare landscape and achieve your goals. We understand you have an array of choices when it comes to practice management systems, but we offer all of the capabilities and support you need to focus on what you love—patient care.

Still jittery about switching to the cloud, or patients’ data security, or employee training?

We have you covered!
Once you sign up with us, you will be assigned a dedicated optometry management consulting team. You will have 24×7 access to your team via phone or email. Your team will work with you to ensure the fast and smooth implementation of practice management system.

This team will be your point of contact should you or your staff face any problems in using the system, or if you want to arrange an employee training session. All of our training materials comply with the industry’s best practices.

We take pride in providing best-in-class service and support. With dedicated account managers and fast response time, our goal is to ensure the success and growth of your optometry practice.

Our practice management system will empower your practice with the efficiency and flexibility it needs to thrive in today’s competitive environment. By enhancing the quality of patient service and increasing collections, we will help you stay on top of the competition.

Frequently Asked Question

If I am using practice management system, will the software take the patient care decisions?

No. The software will not tell you what to do; it will only provide real-time decision-making support. The software will simply make the right information accessible at the right time so that you can make the right medical decision.

Why should I invest in practice management system?

Here’re some of the benefits:

  • Allows access to patient medical information from remote locations. Enables sharing of information among practitioners
    Enhances workflow efficiency
  • Improves quality of care
  • Reduces chances of medical errors and improves patient safety

Is the optometry practice software secure?

Yes. It is more secure than a paper chart. Patient data security is a significant part of healthcare and is ensured in the computerized system. Our optometry practice software secure is HIPAA compliant and requires separate log-in and password for each user. Unlike a paper chart, there are multiple security layers, which means not everyone can access every part of a patient’s medical record. You can also monitor which patient records were viewed through which log-in id. Security features like automatic log-offs ensure that patient records aren’t accidentally left open.

How will the optometrist clinic software improve the daily workflows in the office setting?

The piles of lab reports, messages, and medical records that sit on your desk will be replaced by electronic ‘tasks’ on your computer screen. For instance, a call to the doctor to review results will be replaced by a message and will be sent through the system. You will be able to access all of the patient’s surgical, clinical, and medical information at the push of a button. This will make communication more productive and improve efficiency. The entire workflow – from coordinating test results to prescription writing – will be more streamlined.

How will my patients benefit from optometry practice software?

The most significant benefit is improved and timely medical care. Healthcare providers will no longer be working in the dark because a lab test report isn’t available or filed incorrectly. The practice management software gives providers instant access to patient files, which helps in accurate decision making. The prescriptions are electronic, which means optometrists can print and sign them or fax them to the pharmacy. Once the prescription is in the system, renewing it is easy.