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Being an Ophthalmologist, caring for patients, and ensuring their well being is what drives you. As an ophthalmology practice owner, streamlining processes is key to providing the level of care your patients expect.


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    Running an ophthalmology practice is complicated. This is the reason thousands of successful Ophthalmologists across the country trust our ophthalmology clinic management services to help them untangle the business-side of patient care.

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    Backed by decades of experience and industry insights, our ophthalmology EMR billing services are delivered by a team of healthcare professionals who are as passionate about your patients’ wellbeing as you are.

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    So, whether you’re looking for ophthalmology business services to streamline your administrative processes or wish to optimize your ophthalmology management, we have the right solutions to address your unique business needs.


What Goals Have You Set For Your Ophthalmology Practice?

Improve Patient Experience? Increase Efficiency? More Revenue?

All of these goals, and many more, can be realized with our ophthalmology practice management software. We’ve helped thousands of top-rated practices nationwide streamline operations, while achieving their goals.

For Ophthalmologists,
Improved Efficiency = Improved Bottom Line

Our customers trust us because our advanced ophthalmology clinic software helps them automate tedious tasks such as sending appointment reminders to patients, confirming insurance, managing delinquent accounts, storing patient documents, and developing customized reports. All of this, and much more, can be done at the click of a button!

Take Control of Your Practice’s Key Performance Indicators

  • Regardless of the size and location of your ophthalmology practice, data is critical for seamless functionality.
  • Do you know how you’re performing year-over-year or month-over-month? How about which patients have missed their scheduled check-ups?
  • With advanced analytics and hundreds of reporting options available, you can unlock those answers.
  • With easy access to accurate data, you will be fully equipped to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and enhance patient experience.

Solutions For Ophthalmology Practices


More Benefits For Ophthalmology Practices

Streamlined clinic workflow, from patients’ check-in to billing.
Eliminating unnecessary paperwork helps you improve productivity.
Reduced administrative burden saves you valuable time.
Automated processes for capturing and managing patient data help reduce errors.
Simplified methods for billing and payments translate to more time for quality patient care.
Cost reduction through process optimization helps you drive profitability.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Ophthalmology Practice With Us?



  • It is so helpful to have myCare Analytics that allows us to access, analyze, and report on our EHR data! The availability of fields and export functionality works extremely well. The metrics that we are able to obtain are frequently used in internal meetings to make decisions in our practice.

    - Michelle Otto, Business Systems Analyst

  • myCare Analytics helps us find areas that could use improvement such as patient wait times, technician work up times, proper and punctual retina drug coding, and improved patient education programs just to name a few! It is a highly useful reference tool for understanding our practice as a whole, but also to help us make better decisions on where to go next.

    - April O’Brien, Project Manager

  • myCare Statement Processing offers not only visually appealing statements, but also provides eye care providers a user-friendly portal to look at statement reports at any time. I can even review statements before a batch is sent out, and if I catch a change that is needed, I can easily replace the batch. I also like how I receive emails regarding notification of file receipt, when statements are sent, and change of address notifications.  I am very impressed with the solution – far superior to other patient statement solutions I have used in this past!

    - Karen Chenault, Office Manager

  • Six months ago, we made the switch to myCare iMedicWare. My scribe is faster, coding easier, reviewing previous visits are a breeze, and there are far fewer clicks. I’ve found it’s easier to make all of the essential clinical decisions with the entire exam presented before me on screen. I was getting very tired of constantly clicking through multiple templates to review the chart. On our old server-based EMR, images and screens would take forever to load. It’s no longer an issue. We are incredibly happy with our decision to switch to myCare iMedicWare.

    - Kenneth Otto, M.D.

  • As a healthcare attorney with extensive experience working with ophthalmologists in the area of revenue cycle management, I have the opportunity to work with many different practices that utilize various practice management systems available in the market today.  Based on my experience, I find myCare iMedicWare to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly software.  The system allows my clients to clearly track among other things, days in AR and physician productivity, which are key indicators in our business. The financial transparency and access to useful data is instrumental in providing me with the resources necessary to effectively advise my clients.

    - Neil S. Levinbook, Esq.

Frequently Asked Question

What the signs that my Ophthalmology practice needs a new EHR solution?

Here are three telltale signs that indicate your Ophthalmology practice needs a new EHR solution.

  • Your staff is spending a significant amount of their time looking for paper charts, scanning, photocopying, and transferring patient records, filing lab results, and managing prescriptions.
  • Your patients are spending a lot of time filling out stacks of forms per visit, manually managing prescriptions, and having a hard time obtaining a referral.
  • You are seeing fewer patients per day because of long and tedious paperwork. Slow record retrieval and poor legibility also make it challenging to optimize patient care.

If you can resonate with even one of these three signs, it is time to implement a new Ophthalmology clinic software.

How will an EHR solution help reduce my staff’s workload?

Our Ophthalmology EHR software will automatically send messages to the right patients at the right time and prompt them to self-schedule appointments. EHR solutions not only help your staff improve patient care quality, but it also reduces their workload by eliminating patient scheduling tasks, tedious paperwork, and minimizing call volume.

How does a Ophthalmology clinic software improve my patients’ experience?

The first of the many positive impacts that you’ll notice after implementing the EHR solution will be streamlined workflows and faster patient care from the primary point-of-contact to the last. Through the patient portal, your patients will be able to schedule their appointments and view their data online, which will significantly reduce wait time and enhance productivity. Even research has proved that Ophthalmologists can reduce medication error by almost 55% through the usage of an EHR solution.

How can I choose the right EHR for my Ophthalmology practice?

The first step is to understand your practice’s needs and your expectations from the EHR system. Next, understand and evaluate the critical features of shortlisted EHR solutions. Evaluate the different solution based on how a patient’s visit is documented from check-in to check out. Interfaces can also be a promising way to gauge a new system. It is a good idea to go for a simple interface, but sometimes simple interfaces are featureless. Don’t sacrifice comprehensiveness for simplicity.

Should I go for a cloud-based Ophthalmology clinic software or client-server?

While in-house servers were traditionally used, forward-thinking practices are switching to the cloud. Some of the reasons that are driving this shift are simpler implementation, tremendous savings as no hardware installation or software licenses are required, superior accessibility and collaboration, and scalability. The high level of security and encryption make cloud-based EHR systems HIPAA compliant.

How will my existing patient data get populated in the EHR system?

You will have the option to scan the existing paper documents and upload them to the new EHR system. If you are already using another practice management software and want to make a shift to our Ophthalmology EHR software, our experts will work with you to ensure a smooth and accurate data transition. We offer electronic document transfer into the new EHR system through our ETL data migration team.  We also offer electronic medical data migration from your previous EHR system into your new EHR system. There are various options available depending on the amount and nature of your data. However, our experts will have to assess your data to see whether it is possible to migrate all of your data due to the limitations of database structure of your old EHR system.

I have offices in multiple locations. Will data from all locations reflect in real-time?

Regardless of whether you have multiple specialties or locations — our cloud-based Ophthalmology practice management software will make patient data accessible to you anytime, anywhere. The creation of a new record or changes made to an existing patient record, regardless of the location, will reflect on your dashboard in real-time.

Will the Software Help Me Meet HIPAA Guidelines?

Our EHR solutions are cloud-based, which means you will not have to worry about storing confidential patient information on your servers. Your data will be safe on a centralized server. Basically, EHR and HIPAA compliance go hand-in-hand because the software is designed keeping guidelines in mind. You can expect ongoing modifications to EHR software in tune with HIPAA requirements. Every time the US Department of Health and Human Services will revise a HIPAA regulation, your EMR software will be updated to ensure compliance and avoid violations.

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