Mathematical pi shouldn’t be the only focus this week. Let’s talk about MIPS PI (Promoting Interoperability) for 2022!

Highlights and Why Useful for Medical Practices:

  • Learn what’s required to succeed at reporting the MIPS Promoting Interoperability category for 2022.
  • New for 2022: Automatic reweighting of the promoting interoperability category for small practices. Don’t automatically use this until you’ve seen this webinar!
  • Exclusions and fun with promoting interoperability math: If you exclude from a measure or two, what happens to the points? How can this benefit your score?
  • MIPS Promoting Interoperability is under your control. Learn how to proactively troubleshoot your measures and improve your performance.
  • 90 days, 180 days, or a full year? How to strategically determine the best reporting timeframe for your clinic.
  • What do all the measures mean? For example, what’s the difference between a Public Health Registry and a Clinical Data Registry?
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About the Speaker

Katie Buckholtz

Katie BuckholtzKatie Buckholtz leads and assists hundreds of clinicians across the United States with maximizing their MIPS and APM payment incentives for the CMS Quality Payment Program. Prior to this, Katie had a 10-year clinical background in ophthalmology and optometry, which included her experience with managing the practice’s participation in the Meaningful Use, PQRS, and MACRA programs. She now serves as the Director of Business Development for Clinical Quality Experts.

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